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Dear … ,

as you will soon be discussing a possible new approval of glyphosate in Brussels, I urge you to pay careful attention to the possible effects of glyphosate on the environment and human beings, and do not allow unauthorized new registrations to be accepted! Remember that e.g. Insects which form the beginning of the food chain to birds of prey and mammals will either die or be weakened by glyphosate and subsequently die, e.g. Bees who lose their complex sense of orientation and are unable to pursue their weakness outside the stick of their pollination work and do not return to the cane.
Amphibians absorb the poison even through their thin skin and die quickly! Two-thirds of amphibians are already regarded as endangered in Germany. The general biodiversity in Germany and also in Europe, which is already very much polluted, would thus still suffer with the further use of Glyphosat! Up to 80% of the insect mass has been lost for 30 years, more than 30 species of wild bees have already been irretrievably extinct. Do not make it worse! Humans can not live without insects in the world!

Consider also the fact that glyphosate has up to 10,000 times the harmful effects on the life organisms, as the insecticide DDT, which already on 7th August 1972 (BGBl. I. 1385) forbidden due to the loss of the then biodiversity and the suspicion of the carcinogenicity has been!

Furthermore, the suspicion that the massive use of glyphosate in South American soya cultivation areas is associated with extremely high numbers of cases of cancer and maladies in the population of such regions as documented for Argentina is confirmed. The current classification of glyphosate as „probably carcinogenic in humans“ by the IARC confirms numerous earlier references to carcinogenicity and genotoxicity of the active substance. Thus, scientific studies associate glyphosate with lymphoma (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), estrogenic effect and stimulation of breast cancer as well as bone marrow cancer. Furthermore, genetic defects in infants are attributable to glyphosate use. Also livestock such as cattle or pigs are fatal in farms where glyphosate is used.

The authorization practices of the glyphosate products from Monsanto, as well as the competent authorities, remain extremely doubtful! The glyphosate producer Monsanto is said to be e.g. among others, donated $ 500,000 to the ILSI lobbying organization, whose vice president also chairs the WHO Panel in Europe, which has declared Glyphosat harmless. This would result from a document issued by the US authorities.
When the Monsanto Group refused to participate in a hearing in the EU Parliament on 28 September 2017, which involved the deliberate danger of the „roundup“ glyphosate, the parliamentary groups decided to give Monsanto the lobbyists‘ credentials revoke. All this shows the hair-raising distrust of dealing with this very serious decision of a possible further approval of glyphosate, which puts the health of more than 500 million people and billions of animals at risk, only the possible financial gains of a single group to use!

I therefore appeal to your great responsibility as a politician in this matter and to your overall realistic vision for future generations who want and need to live healthy and healthy in nature!

With kind and hopeful greetings …


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